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About us

We are a studio devoted to mobile and web design and development excellence.

We are a team of experienced enthusiasts that can deliver a huge impact in a short time. Whether it’s the experts’ guidance in bringing your ideas to digital spheres, or the ability to deliver products from conception to completion, Beap is your partner for creating successful products.

Our work

Digital products that connect technology, creativity & success


Diversity of skills to help you transform ideas into digital products

Development and technology

  • Backend development
  • Frontend development
  • Mobile app development
  • Systems / Stacks
  • DevOps

Design and user experience

  • Visual identity
  • UX design
  • Prototyping
  • Interaction design
  • UI design

Rich solutions that meet the needs of the customer and of your business


By working with advanced technologies we bring pixel perfect design to life across all screens and devices.

Mobile apps

No matter what technology is required, we create tailor-made applications that bring elegant user experiences.

Product design

We use the design thinking method as a framework to help you innovate in end-to-end product development.

We take it one step at a time



Great teamwork starts by understanding the needs and wants of our clients and users. Seeking the right tools and identifying the right goals is the foundation for achieving a great result.

Design & validation

Design & validation

With a clear plan defined in the first stage, we create detailed design solutions. Validating the design through prototyping and testing ensures the best results.



Only uncompromising quality in code development ensures successful product execution and delivery. To guarantee the best performance, we continuously work on product improvements.


“The most impressive thing for me was that they could do such good work with so little information from us.”

Marin Vidaković
Sedmi Odjel d.o.o.

“All of our needs were fulfilled, they delivered everything and I’d definitely work with them again.”

Manuel Zwittag

“They’re so nice and easy to work with, and their communication is good.”

Helga Guðrún Lárusdóttir
Customer Success Manager
CoreData Solutions

We work with

Core Data
Vista Data Vision
Hilding Anders

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