Manage your assets with ease

Sedmi Odjel

About the project

A management tool to keep track of your assets. hassle-free.

What we delivered

Branding, UX design, UI design, Frontend, Backend

The challenge

Provide a centralized system solution that would allow a high-end IT service company simple organization of their IT equipment.

The solution

A powerful and robust equipment management software that handles various organizational aspects through a simple dashboard tool.

Every company has a unique set of needs and Sedmi odjel is no exception. With their ever-growing list of IT services, they were in much need of software that would be simple to operate and capable of continuous expansion. That meant the use of a clean and unintrusive design that assists throughout the user’s experience.


A custom-tailored highly powerful and simple-to-use tool now improves the performance of our friends at Sedmi odjel.

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